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Rules and Regulations_Seamist 2023

Please review the following in order to ensure a safe and relaxing time for both guests and owners. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules, please contact the individual shown below.

  • Parking spaces are numbered and are designated spaces for the unit you are occupying. Extra parking spaces are on the north side of the building and are unmarked.
  • No boat or trailer parking is allowed on the property.
  • No vehicle washing is allowed on the property.
  • No dogs are allowed on the property. An owner my have a dog in his unit. A tenant who has a stay of 30 days or longer may have a dog for an extra fee.
  • Please place the trash in the dumpster just off the driveway at the northeast end of the property. The trash dumpster is the exclusive use of SEAMIST Condominiums. Please wrap fish scraps in a plastic bag, seal the bag and deposit in the dumpster.
  • Barbeques are permitted in designated areas only at the rear north of the property. Grills are provided. Because of insurance restrictions, NO BBQ grills are allowed on the patios or the balconies at any time.
  • SEAMIST is a NO SMOKING property. No smoking inside Units or on Patios or Balconies.
  • To enhance the restful environment of SEAMIST, please respect the rights of others. Please minimize loud noise and disruptive behavior.
  • Maximum occupancy of any SEAMIST unit is four (4) persons.
  • Failure to conform to the occupancy and parking requirements is a violation of City Code and may subject occupants to citation.
  • While we hope it is never necessary, violations of these rules or other forms of disorderly conduct or any illegal activity can result in fines and may be reported to Port Aransas Police Department by either managing agent of the property or a permanent resident. We appreciate and thank you for your cooperation.